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Art and Culture in Liguria, from Prehistory to Gothic

Vernazza In the caves of western art history begins in Liguria, with Venus and the horse graffiti on a wall of red Balzi, but also the ceramics of the funeral of the young Prince and the graffiti in the Finale of Mount Bego.

During the Iron Age, society was divided into social classes from Liguria, as demonstrated by the finds of the necropolis of Chiavari and also to describe a civilization dedicated to Genoa trade and exchange with other peoples Etruscans, Greeks and Phoenicians. The original castle, then, are what remains of the architecture of the period for defensive purposes, with walls up to 5 meters thick.

The hill in the Ligurian Alps Bego is an imposing massif which houses more than 100,000 rock carvings left by shepherds in the course of three centuries for religious purposes, perhaps as homage to the gods of nature.

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The prehistoric period in Liguria

In Liguria the early hunters settled in caves near the coast as early as the Lower Paleolithic. This is testified by numerous human remains found in this area where the oldest discovered in the cave of Vallonnet (now French), dates back to 900,000 years ago.

Balzi Rossi Caves A little later, in the Cave of the Prince of Balzi Rossi, near Ventimiglia, was found a woman's pelvic bone dating to 240,000 years ago, and always in this area there are traces of 'Neanderthal in many coastal caves, but also at Sanremo, equipping of Taggia, near Savona (in the caves of Toirano, for example) and at Finale Ligure where they were discovered numerous tools, hunting tools and engravings of lives of our ancestors.

In particular, in the Final is the lavish burial of the Young Prince (cave of Arene Candide), dating to 21,000 years ago.

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The territory of Liguria

View of Chiavari Liguria, nearly 270 km long and 35 wide at most, has one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy with the contrast between the sea and the mountains and hills that seem gettarvisi inside. This territory has forced the man to build cities and roads along the coast and along the valleys, but also on the sides of mountains (the Alps and the Apennines to the west to the east), especially for defense.

Originally, they lived on the heights and the Ligurian the sea was just the Greeks and Etruscans: the distinction between coast and inland, less populated, but also important for the history and culture, began to fade only after World War II for the construction of roads.

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Genoa, the ancient city

Medieval Gates is the highest of the five gates of the Walls of Barbarossa. Next door you can visit the remains of the Cloister of St. Andrew, 800 and below it demolished the house of Columbus, reconstruction of the probable birthplace of the Genoese navigator.

Genova Piazza Ferrari

Sarzano Square, the main city center in the Middle Ages, then degraded after the war, has regained the splendor of the restoration of the Monastery of St. Sylvester, now houses the School of Architecture. At the end of the square stands the thirteenth-century church of St. Augustine, dating back to '200, whose convent attached houses the Museum of Ligurian Architecture and Sculpture. Campopisano The isolated Piazzetta, originally a prison for defeated at the Battle of Meloria Pisa in 1284, now consists of high-colored row houses.

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Riviera di Ponente


Piazza Dante, in the "Savoy", the arcades and the former Town Hall is the emblem of Savoy late nineteenth century. To visit the Descent GB Cuneo, with its arcades and the fish market and nearby, the eighteenth-century Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptist, the heart of the historic center.

Imperia The area of Porto Maurizio Parasio Castle on the Hill, which takes its name from "Paraxu", the palace of the Genoese governor: on the slopes of the hill is the cathedral of St. Maurice, started in 1781 but ended in 1838. Neo-classical houses many works from the 600 and 800. In the same square are the Municipal Art Gallery and the International Maritime Museum of the Ligurian Riviera.

Examples are numerous Genoese hegemony portals, pointed arches and structures such as the Palazzo Pagliari (XIV-XVI century), the 'Oratory of St. Peter and the fourteenth-century Convent of Santa Chiara.

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Cinque Terre and Gulf of Poets

Cinque Terre In the Ligurian Riviera, squeezed between the mountains and the sea, the Cinque Terre ( Monterosso al Mare , Vernazza , Corniglia , Manarola and Rio Maggiore ) And the Gulf of the poets have always attracted tourists and legends: the story goes, that God himself created this little corner of paradise with five boulders thrown in bulk after the creation of the world, but not only, also seems to be past Hercules here, and have clashed with the strong character of the inhabitants of these rugged and beautiful places.

Leaving aside the mythology, certainly there that these sites have attracted legendary poetry of authors such as Eugenio Montale, who, to the land where as a boy spent his holidays with his family, he dedicated the collection Cuttlefish Bones, and many others over the centuries, Virgil and Petrarch, by Lord Byron to the French writer George Sand, who have contributed to give the poetic name of the gulf that leads from Portovenere to La Spezia.

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Food and Wine of Liguria

Focaccia Genovese Ligurian cuisine is rich and varied traditions of the sea are linked to those of the hinterland and the exotic flavors brought here by centuries-old trade. It 'a kitchen historically "poor" but one of the richest varieties of the Mediterranean.

The orchards, in Liguria, were introduced by the Benedictine monks 800 years ago and today, there are three oil DOP Ligurian Riviera, Riviera del Ponente Savona and Riviera di Levante.
The missed extra virgin olive oil, is a basic element of the Ligurian cuisine and also serves to prepare the focaccia genovese e focaccia di Recco. Different from each other, are both made from flour, water, salt and (much) oil, ingredients to which the focaccia di Recco adds the growth, replacing the cheese of the fishermen.

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Ligurian tradition

The silk manufacture originated in the '500 and Fontanabuona Tigullio, were renowned in the '600 and precious velvets and damask Genoese. The textile crafts of lace and pillow lace and macramé was born in the twelfth century and is still widespread. Metal working In 700 came to Genoa fabrics of Indian origin and thus was born the production of mid-air, large number of veils by urilizzi with prints of Persian origin.

The processing of metals with the production of gold and silver filigree fraveghi of Genoa, reached its peak, and the manufacture of iron in the valleys between Genoa and Savona has been very active, especially through the exploitation of iron ' Elba .

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Fun and Sports in Liguria

Water polo In Liguria sport par excellence is water polo. Surfing and windsurfing are practiced in Varazze, Sanremo and Bogliasco, but also kite surfing, water skiing, kayaking, boating, a great attraction are scuba diving, visiting the depths "protected" on the Ligurian coast: the 'i only Gallinara, the Portofino, Cinque Terre and also Haven oil tanker wreck off the coast of Arenzano.

Inland area are fans of cycling, jogging and climbing. Cyclists are a lot of Liguria, even if the roads are perfect and there are almost no bike lanes. The best is the one that connects San Lorenzo a Mare Ospedaletti, from San Remo, but also the Coastal Park Plans Invrea from Cogoleto in Varazze.

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